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My Short Biography

Rae Sew Creative

www.tshirtquiltco.com, The T-shirt quilt co

Quilting is a very hands on business and I get to meet and touch the lives of so many wonderful people. They all have a story, and I try to help them put that story into a quilt. 

2020 - The year is starting out well. Being that it is 1-6-20, I'm not even really into the month, let alone the year. I would love to make a quilt for you. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

2011 -  This was the year that I was laid off from my corporate job, and decided that I wanted my hobby to become my career and I haven't looked back. I started quilting other peoples quilt tops (This was 1/2 of my business) and made quilts to order. 

2012 - Rented a booth at a local market. I started to advertise and sell quilts. I kept being asked if I made T-shirt quilts, to which I said "yes I can", but I didn't get any orders. So I made a sample, and the next market the orders started to roll in. I opened my Etsy store, and closed it again, when after 6 month I didn't have a sale.


2015 -  After a lot of research, I reopened my Etsy store and it has taken off. So much so, that I have given up my booth at the local market so I can spend more time making quilts. I love the work and the people. Come and visit my store.

2016 -  I excepted the year to start off as the one before, and was I surprised. Last year I really didn't get many orders until the end of February. I expected it was because everyone was recovering from Christmas. Well, the orders started to roll in January 2nd and it hasn't really stopped. I get so may compliments on how the quilts look even better in person. If you want to order a quilt you can call me (214-663-0887), email me (rae@ raeswcreative.com) or click the link to my Etsy Store above.

2017 to 2019 -  I didn't update my website much as I had my head down working to build my business on Etsy. It is going well and I'm trying to see if there are other products I need to expand into. I started out the t-shirt quilts and now have memory quilts as well. I want to see if there are other designs that I can create.